Reviews for "TTB Vol. 2 "Gettysbear""


Greatly anticipated, awaiting the next!!

So original

The whole thing is a great idea and it made me laugh for ages.


yeah... it's got a real class of humor... butt rape... that's pretty high up there...

but seriously I did enjoy this episode,

....that part with that guy... who's foot was getting crushed... I enjoyed that...

altffour responds:

There is nothing classless about cold hard reality.

Unexpectedly funny

Hope this doesn't offend you in anyway, but that was surprisingly funny, and often intelligent humor. Good work, nice voice acting and animation style. I loved bearputer.

The plot was surprisingly coherent, despite the fact that it consisted of time traveling bears and I hadn't seen the first part. Criminally under-rated! Oh, and I was hardcore enough for high quality. Believe it.

altffour responds:

I took no offense from your generally positie review. Have a great day!

what the fuck!?

the score on this movie is way too low! this is amazing!! Great movie man.