Reviews for "TTB Vol. 2 "Gettysbear""


that was shit

altffour responds:

Sorry dude. Whenever I try to make a good cartoon something like this comes out. I am. So sorry.


This is suff is fucking funny! One of the best flashes for awhile! my favorite is Griz!

altffour responds:

Thanks hombre. You know your shit.

I did not like it at all

who would like a movie that starts out with a guy screwing this other guy up his butt that is gay I hate seeing that now if it was to women banging would not bother me thats hot.

altffour responds:

Homophobia is super laaammme. especially being homophobic about comedy.

oh my god that was hilarious!

"i cannot whistle. i am bearputer. hahahahahahah"

Mmmm...I'd say Adult Swim worthy. :D

Bearputer is my fav!