Reviews for "Space rocket"


Wonderfully simple, just the snag with the loop but i'm sure you'll find a solution for it :).

And this would make an amazing desktop background, minus all the effects besides the stars.

I RARELY log in, but...

I had to say something to this one. Ducktales was one of my absolute MOST favorite NES games! The opening music sounded exactly like that of "Willow" for the NES. I guess all 8-bit music sounds the same, lol. Nice job, Celarent! 10/10


Using the duck tails song made my day! That was one of my favorite games when I was a little kid. Good sir, I thank you.

Amazing to look at!

The effects were just great to look at and the 8-bit music was a nice touch.
I had a blast watching 10/10

i don't know why

I don't know why I love this so much. 10/5