Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"

lol prety good

this the best ragdoll game ive playd since well never anyway my point is its got its up and dow

Rawnern responds:

You sure? Wow, thanks. Hehe.

Yay Norway

Norway rocks and the game too

Rawnern responds:

Totally agrre!

awesome (actually funny)

I loled at the head coming off glitch and at the space-bar thing! XD

Rawnern responds:

Okey. Sounds cool!

And thanks for the review.

so good

i love your games maybe u could pm me btw im new on newgrounds

Rawnern responds:


Pretty good.

The quality of the graphics wasn't bad, could've used some shading or a bg. the animation of the ragdoll was spot on, but originality could have been better. Keep at it, maybe make more innovsative ragdoll games, with secrets and a storyline or something, eh? It seems like youve got a firm grasp of game programming skills, now put em to use and youll have yourself front page material in no time.

Rawnern responds:

I'm not very good at flash. I started first programming in 2005 in Visual Basic.
I hope I can learn flash better some time...
But, anyways, thanks for the tip!