Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"


Being honest here, it's a fun little tool to play with, but it gets repetitive.
The shockwave is invisible, so I don't know if I hit him or not, and there is no way to get him to dance.
The objects are non-movable, which is a little stupid, but at least they're there.
But Overall, I'd call this a game.

Great start overall

I suppose it was okay. I guess this was a start or a slow beginning. Whatever it was, great game leaning to a 7. It was fun for a little while up until I tried everything. The blood and obstacles were to simple and more obstacles with different attributes could have been added. I mean after a while I started making the character move to the music. Anyway, great start.

"You have potential and more details could have been added" ~Shawn G.


Dude...preloader is messed up...nothing too interesting in this ragdoll game :/

Rawnern responds:

Sorry, I can't fix the preloader, because that's NGs fault.

too many glitches

once my guy tuch the ground it disapeared


keep up the good work ..... i dont understand why the ragdoll goes crazy if you hit it at certen points o______O

Rawnern responds:

He is crazy.