Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"

Well done..

Great job at submitting an open-source engine to the portal. You're amazing.


Well, on the positive side, good job for creating a ragdoll, those things can be a bit tricky. And to get it right as you did for the first time is pretty nice. However, there's something about a lot of ragdoll games that makes me wonder if it's even a spearate ragdoll, or just a source. It seems that every ragdoll I look at has that exact type of blood, and those exact sounds.
Either way, like I said, it was very boring. I would suggest if you made more games like this to add objects, and different stages. That way it would be much less generic. Maybe use your ragdoll knowledge to create a full length game later. Also, look into giving your stage some walls, I lost my poor guy a couple dozen times when toying around with this.

it has potential

but make some weapons and let it keep alive so it walks and runs away of weapons or the mouse

awsome and this is your fist game great

i luv raggdolls

Rawnern responds:

Hehe... tanks! :D


Has potential, make the stickman bigger, and make it able to upload a face, *Kough**Boss**Kough*
And if you could you should make the stickdude run away from your cursor...
ps: Create some unlockable thingys

Rawnern responds:

Yeah, I may make a update if I got time to it