Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"

haha much work to this game is completed,much bugs

lenge leve nordmen og dårli spill lagere :D

Rawnern responds:

Vis litt respekt, mann!


I don't know...it-it brings me a good thing...maybe the music.Idk
But...thanks for bringing that back for me, i alredy feeled like that, but this where a LOOOONG time ago...Thanks!!!!!

Rawnern responds:

Thanks, man. Glad you liked it!


what a coincidens im actually norwegian^^ and this was some awsome work to be done in 2 days

Rawnern responds:

Thanks, man!

Kicks Ass!

Hey buddy. The Game just kicks ass!
Like it. Played it a while ago as well. What is new in the new version?

Rawnern responds:

Oh, thanks!
There's a new song called Fot i Hose from Casiokids. I fixed a little on the level also.

DUDe that is some sweet stuff

if it had like levels it would rank the tops

PS: norway is a killer country( as in awesome) just like this game

Rawnern responds:

Killer country :P
Thanks for your review!