Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"

Ingenious Idea

Your idea is very interesting! I do like this game, and see that you could improve its performance into something alot more in the future! Very well done with your skills and very "creative" song you put into the game. Keep up the good work!

Rawnern responds:

Good to see that people like my game. Thanks!

Cool stuff

This is fun and I coould play this all day. A nice engine, but it needs some sort of a story, different modes maybe, sound effects. There are infinete possabilities!

It's still kinda cool to squeeze him through walls though :P

Rawnern responds:

Thanks. I shall update more in the future! :)

Not bad

Pretty good ragdoll. The biggest problem I noticed is that the head seems way too detached from the body at times. Aside from that, I would just say it needs a better environment. Good job.

Rawnern responds:

Yes. Thanks!

Its Good

I give you 10 because its good and the spacebar Glitch LOOOOOL

Rawnern responds:

HAHA! Thanks! :)


The graphics were on par but were nothing special and the ragdoll himself is based on an open sourse ragdoll physics engine so zilch for creativity.

Rawnern responds:

It's not a open source Physics Engine.