Reviews for "Ragdoll Man"


well that sucked. . . i threw him off the side of the screen :(
things like this are always fun and you did a good job with it :D
but as always i have a few suggestions :3
Try adding some things to interact with, like spikes or some thing that would cause harm to him :D
the way you handeld the sounds were cool i like how it had the whole right speaker left speaker thing going for it :D but it got kinda repetitive hearing the same two crunches over and over again :D
and lastly :D side walls O: so dummy like me don't lose our ragdoll :D
oh and music :O (makes everything better :D
7/10 because it was fun but missing just a few things :D
3/5 cause u know u can make this better :D but it was already pretty decent.

Rawnern responds:

Maybe in the next version ^^

Notes for improvement

There is not much to it, add some more features, an avoid mode ore something

I threw him sideways and now i can't get him back this is a problem

For a first flash this isn't bad, it just isn't amazing either.

Physics are fun.

I enjoy toying with simple physics like this. It's a great distraction. He could use some walls to slam against/bounce off of though (since he just flies off the screen otherwise and it's kind of game over from there).