Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

Good stuff man

You have an awesome style bro I dig it really I do. My favorite part was about the emo robot needs to be a serious or something. Anyway this was entertaining and it had great animation.

Jae responds:

Thanks man I appreciate the review. It's nice to get some good feedback!

Great Job

Exremely unique and well done. Your style is amazing- i hope you do more soon :P This is, as far as skill goes, better than most of the flashes that make it to the front page.

Jae responds:

Thats extremely nice of you to say. Thanks a ton.

too cool for me

it was really cool and creative but it gave me a head ache and the music didn't help

Jae responds:

lol thx for the 10

Oh wow wow wow

That was really good. Too bad about your computer, i'd really love to see what else you had. Your stuff is incredible. It was funny, and it looked good.

Oh yeah, high fives for having some Polysics in there

10 and 5 for you, sir

Jae responds:

thanks i appreciate it, i shall animate on even ythought the work is gone,.

My braaaaaaaaaain!

my brain got smashed after this flash!! this is my fav animation! u should try to make flashes with music, like one with stickman! oh, and what the name of the song in that part?

Jae responds:

Thanks. There's lots of songs. But, thanks!