Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


You seriously should make a Box Man series, that was great :).

Jae responds:

I'm glad you liked it!


I liked that song... What was it... and btw it was good... awesome animation

Jae responds:

Thanks man. I forget the name of that song but I know it's by "polysics" happy searching!


Credits = Awesome
That whole flash was very entertaining, good job, I love your style XD

Jae responds:

Haha thanks a lot. Funny thing about the credits is that THAT animation was origonally a ball bounce test. I just made it sort of perverted. It's my friend Dacada :P

Awesome Flash work, man!!

Really, some of these are great!

Animation was supurb! Some of these could do well as a normal flash alone, and almost every single one has some great frame by frame animation jobs as well! Seriously, I LOL'd a bunch at these, mostly because of how freakin' random it was all the time! Not to mention that I love that kinda' style that you use in these, and the ideas are good on some, too! You must've spent a lot of time on these!

Overall, this flash project deserves more recognition than it has at the moment, and everything looks great!
5 outta' 5, 10 outta' 10 and favorited!

Jae responds:

Thanks a lot! You're too kind!

superb brah

those are some crazy animating skills you have there. great style and sense of humor.

Jae responds:

Thanks a lot! Hope you like my new stuff!