Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

I'm SO bored

Actually, I wasn't bored at all, but both animations that started with that made me lol. These were all pretty cool. Good animation, good sound, and they flowed surprisingly well for being mostly unrelated. What was that song that played during the box man dance?

Jae responds:

It was a song by the band polysics. Thanks a lot man.

Pretty great

have to tell you, your animation is great, as trippy as this was i was very entertained the whole time lol

everything went very smooth and i can tell you put a lot of work into each one of them (well most of them.. xD)

and dont worry, we were all little asian posers at one point in life :P

Jae responds:

Haha yeah, that stage in my life was hilarious. All of my friends were Asian. Thanks for the review!


let me say...this is the evolution of flash from crap to jap!!! (jap get it? anime lol)

anyways this was an awesome imagination you have
keep on workin hard and maybe you'll get alot of fans


Jae responds:

i hope so, thanks!


i just wanted to kno whats that song u used for the last boxman dance scene

Jae responds:

polysics thanks!

That really made No sense at all.

appreciate the work, truly amazing. Specially i like the Fight Part, when while running he sticked (oh Sh*t) on to a wall A.K.A Dead End !! LAWL! ..Fcuking awesumm!

Waiting for the next clip, Budd.

Jae responds:

D thanks! I <3 ju