Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

its was preeeeety gewd,

i liked the fluidity in the boxman part at the end.
makes me want to pick up animation again.
btw do you use a tablet or a mouse?

Jae responds:

everything in this was done with a 4x5 tablet except the part that looks like anime. i did that with a laptop finger thing at an airport in about 9 hours when i was in 10th grde or so.

it was ... great

very entertaining, varied.. and senseless, that made it just pure fun. You have a great talent for animating... I mean your timing for actions and lip sync is just so entertaining, that the actual drawing can be all choppy and crappy and the action still looks great. I like your characters and some of your humour... oh and the girl jumping... freakin hipnotizing. Great.. now I'll have to check your other stuff... and I have work to do, damn.

Jae responds:

I'm so glad you could appreciate it, man.


ty for that little piece of randomness that brightened my day, especially the emo bashing... i have yet to find the flash that could not benefit from emo bashing.

Jae responds:

Haha. thanks man. I went through a long emo bashing phase : P I still find it a little funny ^_^


This was pretty freaking awesome! I love your animation! People like you makes me wanna do flashs! The sound was clear, the animation smooth and nicely done, great job! The only little complain that I have that people must have already told you over 9000 times, it's a big huge, I would have split it in 2 parts, but I still love you!

So... yeah! Great work, continue, and I hope to see more of this stuff soon!

Jae responds:

Thanks man. I decided not to split it because I wanted to keep all my old crap together as one. It's an odd decision but I'm a mildly odd person.

crazy but cool

hahaha... first i thought the big box man idea thing is crazy until i saw it dance it really bring the house down great job dude really improving....

Jae responds:

thanks dude t/he dance took some effort