Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


That was pretty good. I got all emotional a bit from watching it. But the animation was superb.


P.S: Two of your animations on the front page? Your damn good XD!

Very artistic.

Excellent self portrayal and done in a very unique style and manner. You chose a song that fit perfectly with your piece and lyrically matched what I'm sure you were going for. This was a very artistic piece and it was done very well. The drawings were great, it was enjoyable to watch, and it displayed a lot of your emotion which is what makes a great flash piece. Great job!

Really Great

I love the style and the concept, my only problem was that the text went by faster than I can read it at times. Still a great piece, the art was great, music fit perfectly. Well done.

This deservs a 10/10

The music is great the art too.They combine well togheter you get to a point this some of the best things i saw.
Was this really true your did you made up the story?

I agree with Chooblet

Music GREAT!

Animation, not really there.

Idea and originality good,

All round good idea not so good as an entertainment animation.

Still not bad though.