Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"

nice one

real good and deep one.
say no more =)

If Trees Were Just A Tad More Involved

I enjoyed the flash as is, but the title threw me off after watching it. I understand where the title comes from when it refers to the trees witnessing horrid happenings of the lives of people, but they really weren't mentioned, or their presence wasn't made known until the end-ish of the video. The viewer, or at least I was, following the main character's life and all the memorable things (not tree-hate-worthy) he did from being cooped in a pen to moving to Australia and then the trees are mentioned out of the blue. The only probable link the trees have to the rest of the flash is that if trees could speak, they would say mean things about the buried pups.

It seems like two good concepts that just couldn't intertwine as well as intended. Maybe create two separate flashes from this? One solely on the character's life, which is pretty much what this flash is, and then another about humanity as a whole and their doings, whether good times or bad events, and how the trees would feel.

I dunno, I'm not comfortable enough with flash, nor do I have the equipment, to make my own. So I respect most who give the effort.

Just though I'd toss in my two cents.


It's different.

Your grandad scares me though :(

Everyone has a story to tell

and you told yours. Well I think it was yours. Some things shocking, some things funny. But to just critique your flash basically, I thought it was rather neat. Not jaw dropping nor completely lame, just comfortable. It also makes you work your head a little bit trying to sort out the different dates and put them in order.

Everyone has something to say.


that was nice and very artistic... I loved how you told the story with the dates and all... Good job.. I really appreiciated the music too... Matched perfectly with the animation