Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


very goo but i didn't get it

amazing, sad tale.

10/10 loved it


i liked it... the puppies part was disturbing, but simple... well done. I really liked the fact that it was drawn like that, it gave it a very special feeling. That and the fact that it was more of a conversation than a timeline... like a very deep conversation with a friend you haven't talked to in a while. Other parts were like looking into your head. I look forward to more!

Storytelling at an awesome level

Congratulations on a the narrative, the use of a non linear timeline... and still getting the story across. A great tone all around the flash, and the graphic portion of it was very ad hoc.

Awesome overall!

Congrats on front page!


very awe inspiring
I like how everything wasn't listed in order
and the thoughts of the occurring events.

Good job =]