Reviews for "If Trees Could Speak"


It really is a great portriat. And it has this special feeling....Like reading someone's diary when he's passed away ( effect of the music ) I liked it a lot.

Great portrait!

Now I feel like I know you, but I don't, which leaves me with an emptiness...
No, not really, just going along with the vibe you created with your piece. :D

one question

are you the trees in the song, watching all this happen, and choosing not to say something about it? or is that getting a bit personal?
at least, that was my impression on how the song to movie related
overall, though, very nice, you got some serious art talent!


i got a little thrown off from the title, there is prbbly some deeper meaning to it but i dont know.

ok umm

wat the hell was the music about?? im confused about tht cuz trees tht talk dnt really seem to be connected wit the flash at all. i liked tho great animation. n the format was genius lik.