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Reviews for "Waterman (3D)"


Good 3D animation man.


That was very nice. Good job! The pace could be faster, but I believe it can't be helped. The file size would get too big, I guess. I loved the water effects, specially on the intro, when it spells "Water Man".
There was some problems with the hand, though. It overlapped the table a couple of times. :P

wow mike,not bad

Very good artwork. And the protagonist was used well

Very good

I always like seeing another 3D animator on this site. This was a very good demonstration of using soft body physics with character animation. 3ds max and Realflow must be great applications to work with (I myself, use the poor man 3D suite, Blender). The lighting could have been done a little better but other than that, awesome job.


I really enjoyed watching this.
How long did it take you to become this good at 3D?
I'm planning on doing 3D animation too, at some point in the near future.
The thing is, I'm relatively young, so if I practice a lot now then I'll most likely be extremely good in a few years.

Also, is there a way to increase the frame-rate in 3DS Max?
I've not got it, so I don't know.

Thanks for the brilliant animation :)

M1KES responds:

Well... i've been using 3d (not constantly) for about 5 years... but there is so much to learn, that you could spend 10 years and you still wouldnt know it all.

The earlier you start.. the better.. but you got to take it seriously from the start..

And yes... you can put the framerate as high or low as you want in 3ds max.

Thx 4 watching