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Reviews for "Waterman (3D)"

very nice

very cool, think your character could have more life tho, he's ment to move and think, feels more like he just moves. Like how bout making him learning to move, so he'll strugle to get up and his arm will drop of and become a puddle of water again? but yeah good concept, decent character design, nice animation and models =) over all prety nice goodluck to you

M1KES responds:

Thanx 4 the advice... its really a good idea and would of made a great animation..
i could have done that but i had a very strict deadline.. and i did the best i could in the little time i had.


DUDE. The graphics were awesome. the ending was pretty funny too

M1KES responds:

Hehehe.. thx.. glad you enjoyed it. The ending wasnt supposed to be there... but i didnt have time to finish the story.

That was pretty cool.

Your animation was pretty good, and I really liked the music. My only suggestions would be similar to what other people have posted; Work on your timing a little bit, and experiment with more dramatic camera angles.

Great work, I'd love to see more of your animations.

M1KES responds:

Yes.. timing is one of the hardest things in 3d animation.. but practice makes perfect! :)


it's really good, but the over all action felt really slow and drawn out, so it subtracted from a few of the comical movements. also, a lot of your camera movements felt very robotic and unnatural which really took me out of the scene.

on the plus side, your models are top notch. very impressive.

but what's with the green screen in the window?

M1KES responds:

Thank you for the review.

About the green screen.. well its supposed to be a blurred window.. but it flickered now and then while rendering and i dont have a clue why....
It was an unknown problem! :P

Not bad

Still needs work though. It was a little slow in timing and your walking animation for the water guy didn't quite connect to the table though was nicely done. If you look close, it looks like his feet are floating a bit on some steps thanks to the shadows. I think the lighting could have also been improved a bit as it felt a little dark. The animation wasn't as stiff I've seen some animators, but it still needs to come off as more fluid instead of a key frame edit here and there. I know you dont have access to MoCap so I'll go easy on that one lol. The rendering though with the exception of the arm was pretty well done imo.

Overall, keep up the good work. You'll get there sonny boy :)