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Reviews for "Waterman (3D)"


that was some cool stuff. really good animation. i hope u got ur masters 4 this.

M1KES responds:

Thank you.. it was just for one subject.. there is still a few left :)


The 3D was good.

What Master are you doing?

M1KES responds:

My masters is in multimedia design.. we dont focus only on 3d... but we use it in some areas.

Very nice

In reply to the guy below: you're right, this isnt flash. But it is an animation, and a very proper one as well. I think this really deserves to be in the portal.

To the creator:
A very nice piece of 3D animation! Thanks for sharing.

M1KES responds:

Thank you.. that is why i put it on the portal.. cause in the end.. it is all animation.

Thanx for comenting!

It's 3D? Not Flash.

Look I'm not trying to be a dick.

But this isn't Flash?

Good 3D don't get me wrong but it's not Flash?

It's 3D Max???

M1KES responds:

Well there is a couple of 3d things on the portal.. also there's stuff like stopmotion and things like that. Its just another form of anitmation.. i know people tend to focus on flash here... but i thought it would be great to share anyways.. i really enjoy the review system of newgrounds and wanted to see more feedback.
Sorry if it unpleased you..

Classic, totally original.

The idea is very well shown in this flash, and how you made everything 3D is just amazing.

M1KES responds:

Thank you! Alot of hardwork was put into this project! :)