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Reviews for "Waterman (3D)"


Awesome 3D animation, it was really good!
Quality wasn't the best, but still, very interesting.
Great job, keep the good 3D work!

M1KES responds:

Thank you! I'll keep em coming :)


Holy cow, you made all the models here?! How many hours of rendering did that take? I give you big props on the stuff here, it was quite beautiful.

It was cool how you made something so realistic very cartoony. When that hand came out of nowhere you seriously scared me to pieces. Anyways, that was really cool. I hope you get a good mark for this project!

M1KES responds:

Yes... its all made by me..
Thank you.
Each frame took around 2 minuts to render... and the video is 2 minuts and 45 seconds at 24fps... do the math! :)

And yes i got a good mark! :3


I can't Believe you done this all alone! :O

M1KES responds:

:) With a little will power... you can do anything on your own.


amazin..... but i thought it was a game maybe make it into one ill give it 10/10

M1KES responds:

Well it clearly says "watch movie" before you open it! :P

It was decent but....

the things on the table were inconsistent 100% of the time.
When the glass first spilt, the table was empty, when the man takes form, the camera moves angles and all of a sudden there's another set of dishes there.
Pretty good. a bit choppy and the human hand seemed that there wasn't as much effort put into it.

M1KES responds:

Yes.. the plates were only added after... and i didnt have time to re-render the 1st scene again.. it was a planning error of mine.
I'll admit that the hand took less atention to detail on the animation then the waterman did.