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Reviews for "Crossblock"

Great fun! I loved every minute of it.

Awesome little game, I just think the graphics suck.

The music is awesome, I love it, but the graphics are annoying, and they make it hard to focus most of the time, especially with the rolling background being a lot more interesting than the boring bland white squares.

The gameplay is hard, interesting and simple. It requires a lot of intelligence in spite of its simplicity, and that's why it's so cool. I confess that there were some stages I couldn't solve logically, so I was forced to keep trying until I found something that made sense, but in the end I managed to beat the game without skipping a single level.

level 51 is the most difficult!!!

wow! what a game!
30 stumped me for awhile!
50 is a bitch but managed to pull it off...but it's still a bitch!
43 is the coolest level.
perhaps it would be great if there was a preview on how to solve the levels after you beat the game. perhaps a level select and a time attack feature?

so fun i didn't even use the 2 skips!
so addicting i had to play one more round!

uchihamaiden hi

not judging u at all but the game is a puzzle its not supposed to WOW u but make u kinda think but anyways 10/10 not too easy not to hard some parts i had to be creative

I started this game about a mo. ago

Just now on level 50. This game was really amazing and so was the music.