Reviews for "Bleach HitsugayavsIchigo"

fast and smooth

Nice sprite animation, very fluent and steady.


nice bleach animation, you should have ichigo use his hallow mask in the next one

Merry christmas

This submission was allrigth :)

OLD293 responds:

Yea, i'm almost breaking past that point I do believe though =)

~Merry Christmas

nice fight

good use sprite but i have 1 minor problem that hitsugaya didn't use the chain on he's zanpakuto. ill wait till the next movie. i can't wait for ichigo to use he's bankai or hollow form

OLD293 responds:

I didn't use that fight pose because I didn't like it at all lol, but if it needs to be used to be more realistic then I can use it.

Me likey

Very good animation and cool sprites