Reviews for "Bleach HitsugayavsIchigo"

Awe F***ing MAN!!! It was JUST GETTING GOOD!!!

This was like sex, only right before the end some decided to postpone it until U make the 2nd part LOL

Nicely done bro

I liked your use of anime style fighting here. Your work has improved alot throughout and movie and I give you props for increasing your animating vision on how sick scenes should really look like. One thing that got me was your use of camera work, for 2008 that is impressive in nowadays times of 2009 is just considered mediocre but I liked how you were ahead of the times when you submitted this great job! Nice use of sounds effects although the audio and mp3 quality couldve been higher im sure you know how to publish a movie with full flash audio quality nowadays. Nice blood graphics as well not many sprite authors like to do this but you did. Where did you happen to get your sprite backgrounds from, id like to use some of those in my movies.

OLD293 responds:

SpriteDatabase, it came from one of the Naruto games for Game Boy Advance I think.


Hey i loved this movie its awesome
im a begginer and i practically suck so im trying to learn can you tell me how you
did the effect with Hitsugaya when he looks like he zooms in then out like hes hurt............thx

15/15....................100/15 XD


That was good I CANT WAIT FOR PART 2 but you should make it a bit longer.


is's awsome dude