Reviews for "Bleach HitsugayavsIchigo"


cant wait for part 2

needs some work

i enjoyed it but it needs some variation. try altering the shot from time to time. i like to concept, but we all know that hitsugaya's weak punk ass is gonna get whooped by ichigo. its just an inevitability :D


there can be only one spiky haired dude with a big ass sward i just dont like too bez so...


fucking awsome not shaky and good quality nice work

Nice work!

Impressive - I enjoyed watching it. The sprites are great (to whomever made them). I would have liked more zoomed-out scenes, and a variation of close shots versus long shots. The only real problem was visual variety. Also, for the next one consider the characters interacting with their environment more (rather than phantom walls appearing so that Ichigo smashes through them). Good job overall :]