Reviews for "Bleach HitsugayavsIchigo"


nice, what game?

So many hits!!

Always was amazed at the vitality points Bleach characters have.

Great job! I have to say that I was worried that there wouldn't be a bankai.

This is perfect

This is great


i saw the second one first then i wanted to watch this one
why are they fighting? is there a story? its k if theres not but i always like to think up stories to these things.

OLD293 responds:

Nope, this was just a for fun thing. My story/series flash is called Goku Turns Evil.


That was pretty bad ass. Let me know when the next one is out.

P.s. i think hollow-vised Ichigo would kick more ass!

OLD293 responds:

The next one could be out this week...I'm trying to finish it up as I speak.