Reviews for "Bleach HitsugayavsIchigo"


Finally a decent Bleach sprite fight, but I wish you use the DS version of the sprites.

OLD293 responds:

The last time I tried to use those, which was sometime last year, flash lagged horribly for me. Of course now I have more experience and I know what I'm doing, but I don't want to mess with those.

great sprite battle

I love how good you are with sprites, keep up the good work.

OLD293 responds:

Will do =D


I just started lovin Bleach like 2 monhts ago. This is great flash. Hitsugaya and Ichigo are awesome. Lots of blood and damages and the effects of the swords that is amazing. I can't w8 for the last part!!!!

OLD293 responds:

Thats if I can do it, I might have to rethink/redo something in that last part because I don't know where any Custom Bankai Hitsugaya sprites are.

Pretty awsome

thanks for usin my track :)

i think (for evry1 whos seen it) it'd b funny if u did sum alternative endings n had one of them as that "WRYYYYYYYYYYY" move haha

good stuff keep it up -1-

My problem was...

It seemed to ... one sided to me. I mean, i don't really know how else to describe it, but there wasn't much parrying/sword on sword action. I mean, showing the abilities off is great too, but i like it when there's more up-close-and-personal action. There was a little, yes, but most of it was one-sided with one person getting hit while the other attacked at a time.

I loved the presentation, the backround, the sprites, and the camera movement.

OLD293 responds:

I just watched it over again and I understand what you are talking about, but I've also learned that I can't please everyone with my vids, so I'm sorry =/. I think I could of added more sword on sword action, but while I was making the flash I really didn't know how to go about it...so that is why it wasn't a lot of that.

Thx for the review =)