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Reviews for "Luigi's Confession"


I didn't see that comin too! xD LOL Gomba's rlly powerfull! D:

OH! from behind with an upset.

wait for it... wait for it... Ninja Gumba for the win.


he has the hewg ball of power and then thers the poopa.

i have a quston: the round things r poopas or goobas.?

tell me how u made this

how did u make this plz tell me ok also how do i make a game like megaman x rpg the 1 where u figth copy x aka omega x also how can i make a movie like this and how do i make a game like megaman x rpg plz reply or answer in my email xmenoriginswolverine@live.ca ok thnx also any1 here can email me bye!


the cutscenes were amazing,and the ending,well..I did´nt see that coming! ^_^"
it was incredibly funny!good job!

goomba = overkiller

I never get tired of those mario shorts!this is one of the best I´ve seen lately.
well deserved daily 3º,keep up the good work.