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Reviews for "Luigi's Confession"


this was great stuff dude. lol goomba's cock

Great Stuff Man!

Great animation and plot, nothing more for me to say! :3

hrechkaness responds:

Wow, Thank you! I just watched your sprite animation on the FP and it was great as well! It's nice getting compliments from talented animators :)


the outake 1 is the best one!!!!!!!!


Funniest Thing I Had Ever Seen On Newgrounds. xDD!
Luigi: *Charging Beam*

*Monster Appears And PWNS Him*


xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Lol!!! This Is Great ;D Awesome Thing At The Final Outake. The Outakes Were Funny Also. AWESOME!

My God...

After the first part, all I could think was "But he had a star?", then the bloopers showed up, and the funny thing is those are sort of accurate. I love the reference to Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom.

hrechkaness responds:

Lol Thanks the bloopers were for more internet pop culture references :P So I guess they are as accurate as I could make them? :P I couldn't not do a RotMK parody it just felt to perfect for a blooper. Glad you liked it!