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Reviews for "Luigi's Confession"


Old, not funny and overused. I can see why people can like this some people will NEVER get tired of dbz stuff in sprites but i have after countless countless front page flashes on it and that over 9000 thing i pissed myself the first 15 times but now... its just a no if i saw this flash about 2 and a half years ago it would of been a ten and im not moaning at the people who love it cause i used to love this kinda stuff aswell.. so in all i didnt like it but dont pay too much attention to this review.

hrechkaness responds:

i don't take this review as a negative one i know this style has been done over and over again i didn't make it to try and be original and different trust me lol. But like you said before although some are tired of this theme the majority still aren't so thats why i made it :D and it was just a fun project to work on altogether so if i can get a laugh out of few people i'm happy lol. thx for the review


That was hilarious! I like the second out-take. "Put your god damn cock away! I don't wanna see that! Me neither! Me neither!"
Priceless. Good use of that comedy special. I look for ward to your work in the future. :)

hrechkaness responds:

lol glad you liked that one. wasn't sure if that one was going to be well received since it was the only adult themed joke really :D thx for the review!

It was good

I liked out take 3, but tell me, WHY oh why does EVERYONE think Luigi NEEDS to die?

hrechkaness responds:

I'm not sure really. If i had him live though it would pretty much make my whole flash pointless so i guess in THIS case it was better that he died lol. I actually prefer luigi more :(. Neways thx for the review! appreciate it


What was great and was funny, but damn it, i wanted to see a REAl fight, not everyboby getting killed by a gooma before the fight starts lol

hrechkaness responds:

lol yeah i know what you mean. But its soooooo much easier to kill everyone off then actually put in some fighting ;) and i was going for the most anticlimatic ending i could make so thats also why lol. Thx for the review!


Not bad at all

hrechkaness responds:

glad you liked it :D thx for the review!