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Reviews for "Luigi's Confession"

Didn't see that coming...

Wow. Did NOT see that coming at all. Seriously. Made me laugh though.
I don't like the 2nd out take compared to the other 2 as much.
Still made me all laugh though.
Damn, Luigi went all out too... Fire flower... Cape... Starman... but then...
GOOMBA! 9001 power level! Luigi!... 8999!....
Best part.
Can't get enough of OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!


But why did goomba give beat the crap out of them?
Mario or luigi should had stomped him and why is goomba so powerful
thats nonsene. But good work anyways


That was ridiculously hilarious. Wonderful job. xD

Ha you really got me !

I was excepting Luigi fired his LAZOR at Mario but you really got me . I laughed a lot. Good job .

And i liked those outake too =D .


I liked the the ROMTK ending parody :)