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Reviews for "Luigi's Confession"

great job

at out-take 2 i was laughing a little bit too hard [couldn't keep it in] but i started to laugh a lot less because of luigi hat thing [no i didn't cry] kinda sad but the goomba ruin the moment

hrechkaness responds:

lol yeah that damn goomba has a nack for ruining moments doesn't he? ;)

Very not crappy lol

This is great 10/10

hrechkaness responds:

lol well as long as its not crappy im happy :P


So funny, I don`t expect that XD Great work x)

hrechkaness responds:

thank you that was what i was going for :D


couldn't stop cracking up. especially after the second blooper (the 3rd one wasnt even funny though...)

should''ve been longer, but its still funny

hrechkaness responds:

yeah well the 3rd outake was more of an inside joke i guess lol thx for the review!

very beautiful

that,s an awesome flash vid! it's totaly nicely done, it's so funny lol

hrechkaness responds:

beautiful! :O thank you i did put some effort into this short :D glad you liked it