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Reviews for "Luigi's Confession"

Definatly an origional idea!

That was pretty funny, and creative to say the least. Though, Luigi would have lived cuz he had a star for invincibility, was big so he'd shrink, and had a 1 up. Still, that was so funny! Great concept, and a nice flash overall!

P.S. 150th REVIEW! (Sorry, couldn't resist. Plus, I've never seen anyone do that on Newgrounds before)


I wasn't expecting that the Goomba had a power level of 9001!! Nice video. 5/5.

SOAD - Mushroom people! xD

Loved the whole movie... Awesome stuff! Btw.. i loved the part with luigis funeral, They should include that in the real mario story :O maby not to child friendly but it would be kinda epic.

good stuff!

very very funny. Even understood the 3rd outtake good memories lol

Oh DUDE!!!

Why didnt this make frontpage! that was hilarious man! totally unexpected. i thought this was going to be some serious emotional hardcore flash and then...pwned by an over 9000 goomba. totally freakin genious. the idea was really original and the music fit perfectly. great job 5/10