Reviews for "EEL"


Can't say it was bad.
Can't say it was good.

Not something I laughed at, but very unique idea and completely original.
Loved the random thing at the end.
I thought the guy was named Eel =p

7 Stars for you, chap.


Ye wow you know what i liked that a lot and well i dont know i just liked that!


Very cool. I actually didn't expect that ending at all xD.

ehh,played out

honestly,it was kinda lame.
it's been done wayyyy to many times before.
and you people who think its hilarious
are fucking retards
it was a good idea i guess
but it wasn't funny in the slightest
and i actually made an account jus so i could write this
p.s. madness is sooooooooooooo much better then this

Wolfenheim responds:

I like how you wrote this like a poem. And madness sucks. Its just tweens and boring overly violent fight scenes that have been done wayyyy too many times before, as you put it.


this woz so funy, it woz very random 2, i luvd how his head woz not connected 2 his body proply :)