Reviews for "EEL"


LOL! that was nice xD! Really nice animation, but when the phone goes up again, it keeps a litle green part from the eel. You can see it at the bottom of the phone :P
Really nice animation ^^ a rofled when he punches the phone xD

Nice story you thought of here.

As the title says; I was impressed by the conclusion of the flash. It can basically be seen as the eel having put the telephone there just so he can trick people into standing there long enough for the eel to be able to literally launch an attack and get some lunch.

Points are won for the background noise, the overall story and the mustache.

Points are lost with the overall animation, definately some lazy bits (there was an 'outpact' hole of when the eel came from the ground, but not an impact one as he went back in.) and the lack of me finding the things the stick figure'ish thing tried to pick up the phone funny.

All in all, it was surpringly clever at the end. Good job.

haha zomg

what just happened.
very creative though, i like.


what a clever idea. Bravo!


if i had a phone like that i would kill the person that sold it