Reviews for "EEL"

Overall, awesome

The animation was quite sloppy, yet i can see the effort put into it. It was actually completely unpradictable (or so i thought). Its nice to finally get something on the front page with a more subtle humour, though i did actually chuckle outload at the end ^^
I definately think this deserves front page, nice one



this was a cool animation and that retard who gave it a zero doesn't know what he's talking about.


This deserves an 8, don't listen to the prick who voted 0 before this vote, he's probably in need of taste. I think you did great.


Dude that sucked reeaall bad that made no sense at all and i dont mind if it makes no sense and is funny randomness but that didnt make me laugh and it certainly didn't blow me away with amazing animating skills it looked like dogshit the dudes shoulders were just floating which made it look more gay and the background and the concept were just dull... sorry dude but it was shit how the fuck did this get front page?


I dont know why but its just amazing.. so simple yet it made me laugh