Reviews for "EEL"


very atmospheric, and good animation. It was confsing at times, but I guess that was your intent/


I like it when flashes have unexpected twists that you would never see coming. The movie was extremely confusing at first not only because he could not pick up the phone but also because I had no idea why it was called EEL. By the time the rumbling finally happened I had completely forgotten about the title of the movie just because he spent so much time trying to answer it my mind was entirely lost. Which made the event after that quite a shocker.


I liked the movements in this animation, you definitley have a good feel for movement. Nice pace aswell, not too fast but not too slow. The character looked good also. I want to see more like this.

eel was epic.


The amount of times this has fucking happened to me is unreal.

Wolfenheim responds:

seriously, never use public phones, even though i do :|. its why cell phones were invented, to keep track of you, aaand to prevent phone-eels

Mmmmmm well...

It was alright. Nothing special, mildly entertaining, predictable etc.

Wolfenheim responds:

oh yeah, thanks for that