Reviews for "EEL"

huh? what? evil eel eating phones?

that was odd... a cool thing would be to loop it so when the eel puts the phone back, it starts all over.


It was alright. A little too drawn out.

To scratchandsniff:

This flash was funny. Awesome plot. The drawings were a bit simple, but overall, it was fluid. Making a complicated drawings don't matter if the freakin' flash is choppy. No anything is really exaggerated... You try to make anything better. Also, LEARN TO SPELL AND PUNCTUATE.

Do tell.

At what point did drawing quasi stick figure animation with no plot and no... well no anything become good enough to grab a front pace spot?

pretty good

This wasnt too bad. wen i first looked at the drawing skill it put me off a little but the idea is pretty good. remindds me of spongebob the movie with the icecream selling evil fish thing...
pros: great idea and nice and plain
cons: maybee a bit too plain? patching the bodys up and using a little more detail may add to keeping the audience watching or just getting them to watch. fixing the little bits that people complain about (like how the floor is undamaged wen the eel crashes through =] ) and more sounds other than the crashing, telephone and pain from the man may help it look better.
overal: great but could be made alot better :)