Reviews for "EEL"

that was pretty excellent!

Damn, didn't see that coming......or did I.

No, no I didn't......

pretty neat.

yea i liked it. would have loved to hear the guy grunting when he is like trying to pick the phone up but hey whatevers....the shadow when the eel was coming back down could have been blurred a bit more or made into a smother transition. overall, i liked it.

Great work man.

I really did love this movie. It was the worst plot ever, but in a good way of weirdly worst plots. Like a plot that is completley random but you like for some unprofound reason.

And too shauna, you say this needs more creativity, and i just the the creativity behind your default picture.

Great work man, hope to see some more of your flashes.

sweet man very original

nuff said


I think that this brings back a classic and still hilarious storyline in animation, as well as an individualistic art style that not many can pull off without their art looking too common. What you did in this flash is creative, eccentric, and - in short - exceptional.

and to the girl that rated you a two saying that it's uncreative, I would like to point out the fact that your being extremist and not giving a good explanation as of why you don't like this. I'm pretty sure that when you say that he is uncreative, I must point out this other qoute you said; "It's not synced and lines overlap the person." The reason the lines overlap is due to the authors art style, not because he's lazy. So please, before you rate another flash poor, go through it more and consider why you're saying this.

My advice to you )the author,) would be to put more color into the actual video, and perhaps a better way to show that the phone was part of his nose. At first I thought it was an eel popping out and hitting the nose, not that it was part of it. Other than that, great job, and good luck with your later flashes/school.