Reviews for "EEL"

oh my

So the eel pwns all eh?

Short and to the point!

Great animation! The plot was short and to the point with no boring filler. Eels are the reason I don't answer my phone...

I liked it!

i tink it would have ruined the image if there were coloured characters! fuck 3 weeks? how long on average those it take to make the animations because iv just finished one that today which began in May! :o

Pretty grand

Nicely done, I liked some the details in the animations they came out well, I have to say however and I have no idea if anyone noticed but uh... Batttletoads?

It reminds me of that snake level and I don't know if thats a good or bad thing.

Real figures and colour would have been nice but well done overall.

now the Excaliphone

Good imagination, but it would be better with a sword and more colors,
though the movements lead to an average overall rating...
Could be better. But don't give up, I really did like the idea.