Reviews for "EEL"


everyone seems to be judging this to critically
i thought it was pretty awesome


the animation skillz on this were pretty mediocre and the sound wasn't great
but an 8 becuz an animation hasn't made me go wtf??
in a while (:

cool idea.

the ole' monster and lure idea... lol. pretty well executed except in terms of sound and timing. but your animation is off. he shrinks and grows a lot, and i'm not talking about the arm stretching, that's understood. good job though. don't get me wrong, i liked it- just didn't know if anyone else mentioned that one important thing.


I like it! I don't know why. The style is really simple. It was a bit random but it kept me entertained. I love how the phone ringing sorts of builds up the suspense. As for the eel popping out, that was totally unexpected. Good job! There should be more animations like this.

weird because..

you made (almost) every scene in black and white except for the ELL