Reviews for "EEL"


good job! that was pretty good


mas uuuuuuuuuu


You have inspired me with this flash. I'm going to find a public phone, probably the one outside my school, and glue it down. Then call it. OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

This animation was great. The only improvement I could think would be to give the first guy a voice. Or make him grunt. The effort he put into that would have probably made him make SOME kind of sound.

Anyway, excellent work. Perfect score.

Wolfenheim responds:

If you do glue down the phone and call it over and over, please take a video of it and send me a link >:)


im a complete noob on flash making and i dunno what to animate with... could anyone give me a link for a FREE easy to use good animation software thing???? btw this is ossim


well the EEL part was very off the wall but made me laugh :D