Reviews for "EEL"


it was alright. it was random that much but the animation was just stick figures so i kept losing interest and the plot was alright though.
i gonna have to conform, but how DID this make front?

bland. boring. un-engaging. sloppy.

i can agree. i never would have thought this would b on the front page either. What's with the pauses, first with the title, then there are 2 min periods where nothing is happening and ur just staring at a blank screen. im sorry this took you 3 weeks to produce. i would suggest tightening up the timing, animation, and audio. this flash could have been 40 seconds long, but seems to drag on forever.

Looked lazy.

By all means, if you meant it to look thrown together and sloppy, then just disregard this, but it looked like the only thing that really looked like time was put into it was the eel itself. Would have looked a whole lot better if you didn't have the foreground and background lines intersect so much. Kind of predictable, but still a bit amusing.

Sound uncoordinated?

Or is it just my computer. A nice animation, a few laughs throughout the video, you did an alright job.

Eh, good...

it was decent. but ya done before.. and i know almost everything has been but honestly i think i seen 1 last week then random is no longer a joke when its " Not so random ? " i dunno hard to explain but it just don't float my boat