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Reviews for "The 3 Second Collab"

More than the sum of its parts.

Proof that good music and editing can make anything better. it was actually quite fun to see all the little shorts put together and they were paced in such a way to make it an enjoyable view.

Good work, I wouldn't mind seeing a series of collaborations.

The Good, The Bad and the 3 Second Collab...

Well, with a collab like this one, you're going to get a real mixed bag of stuff. I would suggest that you at least try to get all of the collab pointed in the same direction for the pieces, as with 3 seconds per segment, you can add them together and make some good stuff, by two, three, or even more artists.

So there were some good gags and some bad gags and even a few downright awful segments, that really shouldn't have made it past editing. You've gone for 2-3 loops of the main tune, but you could have cut a few scenes out, giving you a better rounded submission, that reflects the abilities of the truly talented among you.

[Review Request Club]

Could've been better

There are some very good parts in this collab, but some of them are just awful and anoying (most of all those flashing images). Those parts should've never made it into finished movie.

The main problem here is that there isn't a main direction. All parts are just short 3 second clips. It's very hard to come up with a good joke if you only have 3 seconds to tell it. I think it would've been better if there was another major topic for this collab except for "it has to be 3 seconds long".

The song used in the collab is another problem. While the main tune is very nice and does fit to the collab it plays 2 and a half times during the collab. I think it would be better if you either used a song that is as long as the collab itself or if you played different tracks. It's a bit anoying to listen to the same song over and over again.

{ Review Request Club }

Fair good but draged down a bit.

It was ok and and well worth watching.
But I agree with Lord-Of-Lazyness, some of the artists in this collab just didn't try and submitted stupid thing full of nothing but tweens and flashing colors.
Without these pour quality parts dragging it down I feel this collab could have gotten around a 4.15 or at least a higher score than what it got.
Still as far as collab's go, it turned out pretty good. :)



that was really random