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Reviews for "The 3 Second Collab"


it was cool at parts and lame at parts too. idk what to really say- it wasent all that bad or anything it was just really fuckin random. good job to all anyway.

i lalled a couple times

but only one part made me go "wow that was baller" and that was the part where all the stickmen killed each other. kudos to that guy. also the computer sex bits were amazing

Not as good as I expected...

Although many parts were good, I thought it could be much better. Some parts looked as if they not only ran for 3 seconds, but were made in 3 seconds as well...
PS: UserName-ERROR: if you were talking about mine, then thanks.


OctoFlash (quote): don't get me wrong, there were some really cool parts (liked the style of the short with the guy who is hit by an apple, i dunno the artist name - didn't look for it) but others are just stupid text! :*-O

:D YO OCTO THAT WAS MY ONE MAN. Glad you liked it - i loved yours!

But yeah :( really sorry Darksoldier after all the effort, but you really should have used your disgression. There were quite a few decent parts in their i found. If you cut out the pointless and badly animated ones like the stickman crossing the road and dying yet still walking, then im sure we could have had a much better collab than this.

Everything else was fine. Really i' give it a 4 - but as im part of it :) i think a 6 is good.

This is a nice idea..now build up on it.

I like the idea and some of the flashes were linked, which I liked. However, there are some that shouldn't really be there, like SUPER SEIZURE FUN TIME NAMEPLUG. Hopefully it'll be better in part 2. ( If there is one)