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Reviews for "The 3 Second Collab"

Alright man

it was alright
theres not much to say sorry

Wow as much work as we did..

this actually kinda made me bored, i'm glad to hear everyone talking about how they like my part (computer sex bit(s)) but im kinda fustrated with sgtDK for stealing my co-author spot...ah well maybe next collab i'll get something outa of it accept enjoyment from lols on my parts.


Some good, some spam

Well with various artists, comes various flash. Unfortunately some of the artists in this collab decided it was better to give some people seizures then to actually work on a simple 3 second flash. Cutting some of the spam flash in here would greatly improve it, because for 3 seconds some of them are good. Overall with some editing or removing this collab could be much better. Good attempt with an ok result.

(Review Request Club)

It was a good idea

But too many of the flashes were way too bad.

I was going to crack a joke about the animation BEING three seconds, not TAKING three, but I won't, because that is mean.

Next time, try 'n either...
-Recruit some better animators (No offence)
-Get everyone to improve by then. :D

This is indeed not 3 seconds each, as it is true what you said, Every part is 90 frames which is equivalent to 3 seconds. It's simple math. 1 x 30 = 1 second. 3 x 30 = 90 = 3 seconds..... howmany frames per second are there? if 30, you are right.