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Reviews for "The 3 Second Collab"

Not as good as I expected...

Although many parts were good, I thought it could be much better. Some parts looked as if they not only ran for 3 seconds, but were made in 3 seconds as well...
PS: UserName-ERROR: if you were talking about mine, then thanks.

Bad ass!

Definitely submitting this to the collab collection.


it was uhhh....interesting lol theres really not much to say except you guys are very.....artistic

Alright man

it was alright
theres not much to say sorry


Animation/Graphics - Some were rather good. I will give you that some were very good. MOST of them were really shit though man. The animations were very spammy and most weren't good at all. The ones that were good are the only ones that got you any points from me, but the ones that were really shit greatly outnumbered the good ones in the submission.

Story/Content - Have you ever wondered what a spam flash would look like if a bunch of spammers got together and added all of their spam submissions together into one movie? Guess what. This is the outcome of that. It was basically the longest spammy flash that I have saw on newgrounds in a long time. Again, this isn't going towards some of the people in this collab. It's just going towards most of the people. Some spent their 3 seconds great and made very good pieces, while most made shit that would be considered spam.

Audio - I liked some of the sound effects that people put in their parts, but what I really disliked about this collab was you just looped the same thing over and over. This really needed some more songs to mix this thing up and make it so it wasn't so repetitive.

Overall - After all of the hype you made about this collab it really didn't live up to it man. And what a huge file size. It took forever to load. Perhaps do something about compressing the file down by perhaps optimizing the audio?

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