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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"

Erm... What?

You have animation skills, but I think I've seen pants put on before. It's just... boring. Ugh.


The "shirt" one was slightly funny. The "pants" one was drawn better. But in the end, each wasn't even five seconds long, or had a story, or... were interesting. Seriously, what the fuck? Get some quality up in this bitch. Besides, forum references and jokes in animation are retarded and stupid.

Luis responds:

i dont know what is more retarded.. the movie or your analysis.. anyway you clearly arent an animator and the 'forum references' were aimed at animators so ya... move along.


It does what it says it does, but it isnt a 10 star film. Just cuz i can submit a pile of shit, and say its a pile of shit, doesnt give my clip the right to get a 10 out of 10 for reaching the 'shit' standard that i put myself.

Realy viewers...
Hope i didnt just put down anyones review



OK I watched this about the second you uploaded it I don't really see how amusing it is, I watched again in perplex I just know it only got on the front pag e because "Luis made it" but I still don't see any points in your submission, theres so much animations that should be on the front page this is completely obsure!

what the heck ?

your short animation looked alright, but what is purpose of this flash? sorry.