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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"


Very smooth animation, awesome stuff but you should at least add some sound effects and some special effects before posting. Not only it would make it a lot more funny but it would add more depth. Don't rush.


well, first time i saw the icon of this flash at the front page i though you would do something like resolving the "endless Mystery" why the F* has donald duck no pants on (but when he comes out of the shower he hides his balls with a towel..?)
and why does mickey don't wear any shirts? well i was wrong..
it was short, good animated, could be bit longer and better but i have to give you a 7/10 because i just got to see what it said: Shirt 'n' Pants O_o

Well animated, but not very interesting...

The animation and style in this is really, REALLY good, but I'm afraid that it was boring, short and not much happened. You have a lot of potential to make something really great though! ^^

Keep trying!

What happened?

If this was a lot longer it would've been a lot better; but the way it is, I don't understand how it reached front page.


i only laughed because of how wtf this is