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Reviews for "Shirt N' Pants"

This is great!

I love how professional you made it look for only a few hours.
Good job.
Can't wait what others will make in the thread. :)


Luis it was really strange, animation was nice but too short , and i did not enjoy it cause it was not funny maybe a litle first episode about fat guy and shirt it was nice idea.
But i have seen better stuff from you.


i mean, good animation, but first page for this?

Just what the heck?

Few things went wrong here:

1.Waaaaay too short
2.was kinda boring how can you make presentation of :"How to wear clothes?"
3.I was hoping to see some more details here
4.I feel kinda decived cause of title on front page and the content of all this double feature :P

Plus of animation:
1.was funny (shirt part)
2.Nice animated
3.Menu idea was also cool

I think 7/10 is fair i gladly give you 10 when you work on the minus side of this animarion. But to be honest, this shouldn't be on front page oh well gl on further projects :)


I don't get it, why only 2 submissions? Why didn't you wait t'ill everyone was finished and made a huge colab? why damnit why? :P